Logo design for companies in East Tamaki, Auckland

We start with a discovery session to establish your needs and to make sure we nail it. What we aim to achieve from discovery sessions when working with companies?

  1. Who do we serve?
  2. Who are we reaching / appealing to?
  3. How do we do that?
  4. What defines you from the competition?
  5. Unique identifiers and distinguishers within your industry that set you apart from your competition
  6. Unique category entry point – something special that can define you

Our main aim for this process is to find out what a successful project outcome looks like so we can create a visual brand story and designs to best appeal to your clients?

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Visual Brand Storytelling and Design

20 plus years in logo design

In today’s digital age, company first impressions depend on captivating visuals and compelling narratives to engage and inspire audiences. At Electric Heart, we specialize in harnessing the power of visual brand storytelling and design to elevate brands to new heights. With a focus strategic brand identity development, we’ve had the privilege of working with industry leaders such as Cheapflights.com, momondo, Virgin Atlantic, Monarch Travel, Thomas Cook, Lonely Planet, Flight Centre, lastminute.com, Seer.bio, Stackry.com, Ship Optima and DialAFlight.com, among others.

Elevating Companies through Brand

Logo designs for international companies and Auckland, East Tamaki

Electric Heart has established itself as a creative powerhouse, adept at crafting logos and design campaigns tailored to diverse industries, from travel to logistics. Through a strategic blend of creativity and brand strategy, Electric Heart transcends the mere visual aspect of logo design, delving deep into the essence of each company it collaborates with.

In the realm of travel, Electric Heart understands the importance of evoking a sense of adventure, wanderlust, and reliability. Whether it’s for airlines, travel agencies, or tour operators, their logos and design campaigns capture the spirit of exploration while instilling confidence in the brand. For logistics companies, efficiency, reliability, and connectivity are key. Electric Heart employs sleek, modern designs that convey seamless movement, streamlined processes, and trustworthiness.

At the core of Electric Heart’s approach lies brand strategy. They meticulously analyze each company’s values, target audience, and market positioning to ensure that every design element aligns with the brand’s identity and resonates with its customers. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of each industry, Electric Heart creates logos and design campaigns that not only stand out visually but also establish a strong brand presence and leave a lasting impression.

Through its commitment to creativity, innovation, and brand strategy, Electric Heart continues to elevate the visual identities of companies across various sectors, helping them connect with their audiences on a deeper level and thrive in today’s competitive landscape. For 20 plus years we’ve been working with international companies, large and small even though we’re based in Auckland, East Tamaki.

Elevating Cheapflights.com

A Case Study in UI/UX Enhancement and Social Media Campaigns

Logo Design in Auckland, East TamakiAt Cheapflights.com, we embarked on a journey to revitalize their online presence through innovative UI/UX enhancements and captivating social media campaigns. By carefully analyzing user behaviors and preferences, we implemented intuitive design elements and seamless navigation pathways to enhance the overall user experience.

Our focus on visual brand storytelling played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of Cheapflights.com’s brand identity across various digital platforms. Through strategic brand strategy sessions, we create their logo, refined their brand messaging and visual identity to resonate more deeply with their target audience.

The result? A more immersive and user-friendly website experience that not only increased user engagement but also drove conversions and brand loyalty. Our ongoing collaboration with Cheapflights.com has enabled us to continuously evolve their digital presence, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the travel industry. Visit cheapflights.com or see how after years servicing their creative outsourcing needs they were acquired by Kayak.

Transforming momondo's Digital Landscape

UI/UX Design and Social Media Campaigns

Our partnership with momondo involved a comprehensive overhaul of their digital landscape, with a focus on UI/UX design and social media campaigns. By redesigning the momondo blog with a clean and intuitive interface, we aimed to provide users with a seamless browsing experience while immersing them in captivating travel content.

In addition to UI/UX enhancements, we conceptualized and executed numerous social media campaigns to amplify momondo’s brand presence and engage with their audience on a deeper level. Through strategic storytelling and visually striking content, we succeeded in increasing brand visibility and driving user interaction across various social media platforms.

Our collaboration with momondo underscores our commitment to delivering impactful design solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Visit momondo’s travel blog.

Crafting Compelling Email Campaigns and Landing Pages for Leading Travel Brands

Our expertise extends beyond website design and social media campaigns to include the creation of compelling email campaigns and landing pages for renowned travel brands.

Working with industry giants such as Virgin Atlantic, Monarch Travel, Thomas Cook, Lonely Planet, Flight Centre, and lastminute.com, we’ve developed hundreds of email campaigns and landing pages that captivate audiences and drive results. By leveraging our design expertise and deep understanding of the travel industry, we’ve helped our clients effectively communicate their brand message and offerings to their target audience, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Nominated for Excellence

Building DialAFlight.com's Award-Winning Site and UI/UX

Our crowning achievement in the travel industry comes in the form of DialAFlight.com’s website, for which we were nominated for a UK Travel Site of the Year award. Through meticulous attention to detail and a focus on delivering an exceptional UI/UX experience, we transformed DialAFlight.com into a leading online travel platform.

By incorporating intuitive navigation, visually appealing design elements, and seamless functionality, we created a website that not only delights users but also drives business growth for DialAFlight.com.

Our nomination for this prestigious award serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in design and innovation in the travel industry.

In conclusion, at [Your Company Name], we believe that visual brand storytelling and design are instrumental in shaping the success of travel brands in today’s competitive landscape. Through our expertise in UI/UX enhancement, strategic brand identity development, and innovative digital solutions, we empower travel brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level and inspire unforgettable journeys.

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